Our Products

We sell a wide range of garden products, including:

Please note, as we are now approching the end of season, we may be low or sold out on some varieties. Please call us on 01205 625134 or send us a message if you'd like to check the availability of certain products. 

Seasonal Bedding Plants

We stock a wide range of seasonal bedding plants all year round, bringing colour to your garden all year round.


We grow a massive variety of different Perennial plants that will come back year after year. Over 50 varieties to choose from!

Summer Sale! All Perennials now £2.50 each or 3 for £7


We have a large range of Shrubs to suit any pot or area in the border, with many shapes, sizes and colours available. 

Summer Sale! All 2L Shrubs now £7.00 each or 2 for £15

Seed Potatoes

We stock a big range of Seed Potatoes in large 2KG bags.

Please note: This product is currently out of season


We have a big variety of different Stoneware, which is constantly being refreshed with new designs. 

Seasonal Products

We stock different seasonal items at certain times for the year, such as Wreaths, Christmas Trees, Mothers Day baskets & much more!

Bird Care

We offer a range of bird feed, boxes and feeders to keep our feathered friends happy!


We offer Spring and Summer flowering bulbs at certain times of the year, providing colour year after year


We have a constantly refreshed range of pots, many which are half their marked price! We do many different styles and colours to fit in with any garden.

Veg Plants

We offer Spring and Winter veg plants, as well as Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Marrows and more!

Summer Sale! Many grow your own products now reduced in store!


We are a Clover Stockist, stocking a wide range of compost, as well as top soil, bark and manure. 

To see our full range of compost, click here

Ornamental and Fruit trees

We stock a wide range of ornamental and fruit trees. They are well established trees in pots, with many varieties to choose from.

Summer Sale! 10% off the marked price on all ornamental and fruit trees!

Pond Plants

We have a wide range of Marginal, Oxygenating and deep water Pond Plants, as well as Water Lilies!